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Buying Tips

Property Buying Tips   Buying a property is and can be a big decision. We also believe it’s one that should be made with a clear mindset and a certain level of comfort. Check out our top Property …

Investing in Dubai

Investing in Dubai Property From a tax free environment to a top tourist destination, there is a vast range of reasons that make investing in Dubai property very appealing. Let’s have a closer …


Find out the answers to the most asked questions when it comes to buying property in Dubai. The right knowledge at the start can be invaluable and make all the differnece in your decision

Buying a property in Dubai?

Then why not employ the services of a professional and experienced Buyers Agent. Whether you are looking to buy your new home or simply an investment property then a Buyers Agent is exactly the right person to have on your side. With years of property experience and local market knowledge, we provide the full buying service and take the hustle and worry out of buying your next property. We guide you through the entire buying process from start to finish and ensure you make an informed decision and get the absolute best deal possible.

Buyers Agents Our Services:

  • Full Buying Service: Viewing-Purchase-Transfer
  • Access to “off-market” properties and silent listings
  • Prospecting for Suitable Properties
  • Property and Area Due Diligence
  • Price and Contract Negotiations
  • Viewings and Area show around
  • Market Reports including latest sold prices
  • ROI Reports and Projections
  • Off-Plan Property Purchase

Our Clients:

  • Individuals
  • Large Investors
  • Companies
  • Managed Funds

Our Dubai areas of focus:

  • Palm Jumeirah
  • Dubai Marina
  • Downtown

Benefits of using Buyers Agents:


    • A Buyers Agent can and often does mean the difference between a good deal and a great one.
    • Buyer’s Agents are local experts who understand property area demographics, property trends, pricing and value.
    • They build relationships with other agents to ensure that when bargains are on offer, you get access.
    • They can also help protect you from overpricing or other pitfalls.

Negotiation Experience

  • Our Buyers Agents have years of experience when it comes to negotiating great property purchases.
  • This is what we do every single day, so while you may purchase property infrequently, our Buyers Agents purchase property full-time.
  • The tricks and tips they possess, along with insider techniques, all help to get the best price on the most favorable terms.

Save Time

  • Searching for properties and trolling through all the often incorrect and misleading information can be a frustrating and a time-consuming process.
  • As property Buyers Agent we can help wade through thousands of properties to find key picks that suit your needs and your budget.

Market and Area Knowledge

  • All our Buyers Agents live in Dubai and not only understand the property market as a whole but also the pros, cons, threats and opportunities present in different areas.
  • We have our hand on the pulse and are aware of new developments and regulation changes which could impact your potential property.


  • The services of property Buyers Agents are 100% FREE. A buyers agent collects their fee from the standard 2% payable (usually wholly to the seller’s agent). This means you get all the benefits with no additional cost.

We don’t only buy property for our clients but invest ourselves meaning we understand exactly what buyers want and need. Do you buy for capital appreciation or immediate rental returns? Which area is best? When is the right time to buy? Answers and advice on these common questions together with an absolute dedication to the highest levels of professionalism ensures our clients are put first and keep coming back. Give us a call today for more information or a face to face meeting.

Please also remember that we not only assist with Dubai property but can also help residents who wish to buy property in the Uk or London from Dubai.

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