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Investing in Dubai

Investing in Dubai Property

From a tax free environment to a top tourist destination, there is a vast range of reasons that make investing in Dubai property very appealing. Let’s have a closer look at the top 10,

  • Value. Compared to other global cities and business centres like New York, Paris, and London, Dubai offers an unmatched price to value for investors.
  • Tax Free. With no income, withholding, or capital gains taxes, Dubai is an incredibly appealing place for savvy investors to work and invest.
  • Expat-friendly. Unlike other global destinations, the Dubai property market is open and welcoming to all investors – making it simple, safe and streamlined to conduct real estate transactions no matter your country of origin or current citizenship. This diversity of buyers provides Dubai property prices with an added layer of protection as its not only dependent on one country and its economic conditions.
  • Location. Dubai’s unique geographical location makes it accessible and appealing for international investors. With direct links to and from most of the world’s biggest cities it is no wonder Dubai Airport (DXB) was the world’s busiest airport in 2015.
  • Growth. Dubai is and remains one of the fastest growing cities in the world. With growth expected to continue at a record-setting pace there are some very exciting days ahead for owners and investors in Dubai.
  • Incentives. There are few places in the world that offer better incentives for individuals and companies considering doing business in Dubai. With best-in-class infrastructure and tax incentives across all industries, the government has created a mutually-beneficial business-friendly platform that is virtually unmatched anywhere else in the world.
  • Return on Investment. Aside from being a great inflation hedge investing in Dubai property also comes with great capital appreciation and immediate ROI in terms of rental yield. The average rent return on offer hovers around 6% in the main areas of Dubai however this figure is as much as 10% in certain parts.
  • Quality of Life. With superb weather, an extremely low crime rate, world-class beaches, a subtropical climate, and the best cultural, retail and dining options available anywhere in the region, it’s no wonder the UAE is ranked as having the best quality of life in the MENA region, and is rated 15th in the world – assuring that the housing market will continue to be buoyed well into the futures by this city on the move.
  • Diversification. Unlike the risk of other investments options which may be difficult to truly diversify, property – as a hybrid asset – allows you to take control over your portfolio and risk profile.
  • Population Growth. Dubai is not only one of the fastest growing cities in the world when it comes to economy and infrastructure but also population. The cities population as of early 2016 is 2.49 million, a figure which is expected to double by 2020. Such a rapid population growth can only have a positive effect on property prices as demand continues to increase.


Investing in Dubai  clearly makes sense for a number of reasons and if done right can prove to be very financially beneficial. See our Investor Checklist for all you need to know when evaluating your next purchase.