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Can I get a UAE visa if I buy a property?

Purchasing property in the United Arab Emirates can be a worthwhile investment that also comes with the ability to more easily obtain a UAE visa. Here is what potential property buyers need to know about getting a visa.

Can I get a UAE visa if I buy a property?

Benefits of Owning UAE Property

There are several advantages to owning real estate in the UAE:

  • Strong potential for property value growth in a robust economy
  • Low or no income tax, capital gains tax, and inheritance tax
  • High-quality infrastructure and amenities
  • Opportunity to easily obtain a renewable UAE visa

UAE Visa Options When Buying Property

The UAE government offers longer-term visas for foreign nationals who buy property in the country. The main options are:

  • Investor Visa – For foreign property buyers. Valid for 3 years and renewable.
  • Retirement Visa – For retiree property owners aged 55+. Valid for 5 years.
  • Golden Visa – 10-year visa open to high net worth property investors.

Property Value Requirements

To qualify for a property owner’s visa in the UAE, you must meet certain minimum property price thresholds:

  • Investor Visa – Property purchase price of at least AED 1 million
  • Retirement Visa – Property worth at least AED 2 million
  • Golden Visa – Property worth at least AED 10 million

Additional Requirements

Along with meeting the property value requirements, other common criteria for UAE property visas include:

  • Clear criminal record
  • Proof of financial solvency
  • Valid passport with 6-month minimum validity
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Emirates ID biometric card

Visa Validity & Renewals

Initial property investor visas are valid for 3 years, retirement visas for 5 years. These can be renewed subject to:

  • Owning the property
  • Passing security clearances
  • Providing required documents

Can I Get a Visa Solely By Buying Property?

Simply buying property does not guarantee the automatic issuance of a UAE visa. To obtain a visa, you must formally apply by submitting the necessary documents. Approval time can vary.

But owning high-value real estate significantly improves visa eligibility and makes renewal simpler compared to other paths to UAE residency.

Making the Most of a UAE Property Purchase

To maximize the benefits from a UAE property investment:

  • Consult a real estate advisor to find ideal listings based on your visa and lifestyle goals
  • Use a specialized lawyer to navigate regulations and requirements
  • Leverage property managers to oversee rentals and maintenance while away
  • Consider co-ownership investment models that optimize costs and visa privileges

Key Takeaways

  • Buying property in the UAE above a $272,000 minimum value enables foreign nationals to apply for a renewable UAE investor visa
  • Other options are retirement and golden visas for property owners meeting higher value thresholds
  • Along with the capital and ongoing costs, factor in visa fees, health insurance, etc. when budgeting
  • Consult real estate and legal experts locally to best structure your property purchase for residence visas


While the UAE does not grant visas on property purchase alone, investment in high-value real estate serves as an excellent facilitator for securing renewable long-term visas via official channels. With expert guidance, foreign property buyers can capitalize on UAE immigration benefits in addition to potential rental income and capital appreciation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much money do I need to buy property in Dubai?
    To be eligible for a UAE investor visa, you need to purchase a property worth at least AED 1 million (USD $272,000). The higher the property value, the more additional visa options become available.
  1. Can I get permanent residency by buying property in Dubai?
    There is no direct path to permanent residency only through property purchase. However, buying high-value property improves eligibility for renewable 5-10 year visas.
  1. Do I get visa on property purchase in Dubai?
    You do not automatically receive a visa. After buying property, you must formally apply for an investor, retirement, or golden visa by providing documents.
  1. What is the cheapest property I can buy for a Dubai visa?
    The minimum property value for the 3-year, renewable investor visa is AED 1 million. Studios and 1-bed apartments are among the cheapest options.
  1. Can I rent out my property in Dubai if I get a visa?
    Yes, visa holders can earn rental income. Many buy property specifically as long-term visa eligible investment assets.
  1. How long after buying property in Dubai do I get the visa?
    It can take between 2-8 weeks after purchase to prepare and submit investor visa applications. Approval times vary case-by-case.
  1. Can my family also get a visa if I buy property in the UAE?
    Yes, property owner visas allow you to sponsor certain family members after meeting their visa requirements.
  1. Do I get UAE citizenship if I buy property in Dubai?
    No, property purchase does not directly lead to citizenship, only to temporary residence visas. Naturalization is rarely granted.
  1. Can a Pakistani buy property in Dubai?
    Yes, Pakistanis can buy Dubai real estate subject to federal and local ownership laws. Buying property enables Pakistani investors to apply for UAE visas.
  1. How much money should I have to buy an apartment in Dubai?
    For a small Dubai apartment and basic investor visa eligibility, budget from AED 1.3 million ($350,000). Factor in all additional costs.
  1. Can US citizens buy property and get residency in Dubai?
    Yes, US citizens can buy Dubai real estate. This allows applying for renewable UAE investor, retirement, and other visas.
  1. Can I use a UAE investor visa to work or start a business?
    No, investor visas do not authorize working. For employment or launching businesses in the UAE, different visa types are required.
  1. Can I get a 10 year Dubai visa by buying property?
    By purchasing a property worth over AED 10 million, you can qualify for the 10-year golden visa residence program.
  1. Do I have to live in UAE if I buy property there?
    You are not required to live full-time after purchase. Visa renewals require periodically entering and formally reapplying when in the UAE.
  1. How much money do I need per month if I move to Dubai after buying property?
    Lifestyle, family size, etc. dictate budgets. For a single expat with basic accommodation, count on AED 8,000-12,000 ($2,200-$3,200) monthly.
  1. Can I buy an off-plan property in Dubai to get a visa?
    Yes, you can buy off-plan developments under construction to qualify for applicable ownership visas upon completion and handover.
  1. Can I get a loan to buy property in Dubai as a foreigner?
    Yes. Many banks offer mortgages to foreigners for up to 75-80% of a Dubai property’s value, depending on income eligibility.
  1. What taxes do foreign property owners pay in Dubai?
    The UAE does not levy income tax, capital gains tax, or net wealth taxes. Only municipal fees, VAT, tourism dirham fees apply.
  1. Is rental income from Dubai property taxed for foreigners?
    No, foreign investors do not pay taxes on rental yields. Only a flat 5% VAT is levied on actual residential lease amounts.
  1. Can I buy property in Dubai freehold as a foreigner?
    Yes, the Dubai Land Department allows foreign citizens to buy homes and apartments in designated freehold zones registered under the investor’s name.

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