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How much does a house in Dubai cost?

Dubai is known for its luxury real estate market, with some of the most expensive properties in the world found in this glittering metropolis. But there is actually a wide range in home prices to suit different budgets. This article explores the current Dubai property market, average sales prices in different areas, what you get at various price points, and other factors that impact real estate costs in Dubai.

How much does a house in Dubai cost?

Average and Median Sales Prices

    The average sales price for a residential property in Dubai as of Q3 2022 was AED 1,945 per square foot. At an average size of 2,000 square feet, this puts the total cost at AED 3.89 million ($1.06 million).

    However, this figure encompasses all types of housing. The median sales price gives a better indication of typical costs as it discounts outliers on both the high and low end. As of Q3 2022, the median apartment sales price in Dubai was AED 1.38 million ($375,500) while the median villa price was significantly higher at AED 5.5 million ($1.5 million).

Cost by Location

There can be major differences in real estate prices depending on the neighborhood. Some of the most coveted and thus expensive areas of Dubai include:

    Palm Jumeirah: A man-made island development home to luxury villas and apartments. Median sales prices top AED 2,800 psf.

    Downtown Dubai: Glitzy area with iconic landmarks like the Burj Khalifa. Median sales are around AED 2,100 psf.

    Emirates Hills: An exclusive community with large plots and homes starting from AED 30 million.

    Arabian Ranches: Family-friendly community with spacious villas from AED 5 million+

More affordable options can be found in locations like:

    International City: High-density development aimed at budget buyers and expats. Studios start from AED 300,000.

    Discovery Gardens: Community focused on smaller apartments priced from AED 550 psf.

    Jumeirah Village: Mixed community with compact townhouses from around AED 1 million.

Factors Impacting Cost

Several elements influence housing prices in Dubai beyond location, including:

Property Type

Villas are the most expensive housing type followed by apartments and townhouses. Within apartments there is also major variability based on size and number of bedrooms.


New off-plan properties under construction command the highest prices while resale homes built in the 1980s-1990s have lower valuations.


Properties from high-end developers like Emaar, Damac and Nakheel carry premium pricing.


Homes in master-planned communities with abundant amenities and facilities have higher asking prices.


Sea views, city skyline vistas, and golf course frontage can boost valuations significantly.


Opportunities for customization and unique designs are prized by luxury buyers and thus increase prices.

What Can You Get at Different Price Points?

To give you a better idea of what to reasonably expect at different budgets, here is an overview of property types and areas accessible at various price points for completed units:

Less than AED 1 Million

    Small studio or one-bedroom apartments from 500 – 700 sqft

    Located in communities like International City, Discovery Gardens, or Jumeirah Village

    Limited amenities

    May have community charge fees around AED 10 ps

AED 1 Million to AED 3 Million

    2-3 bedroom apartments from 1,000 – 2,000 sqft

    Areas like Dubai Marina, Business Bay, or Jumeirah Lake Towers

    Buildings have gyms, pools, playgrounds

    Service fees AED 15-20 psf

AED 3 Million to AED 5 Million

    3-4 bedroom luxury apartments from 2,000 – 3,000 sqft

    Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, Emirates Hills

    Premium high-rise buildings with many facilities

    Service fees AED 25+ psf

AED 5 Million to AED 10 Million

    Large 4+ bedroom villas from 4,000 – 7,000 sqft

    Gated communities like Arabian Ranches, The Villa, District One

    Private pool, yard, parking

    Facilities like parks and schools

Over AED 10 Million

    Custom mega-mansions 10,000 sqft+ on own plot

    Locations like Palm Jumeirah Signature Villas

    Private beach access, home cinema, gym

    Luxury fixtures, smart home technology

    24/7 security and staff

Keep in mind for off-plan purchases, expected completion dates may be 2+ years in the future so final costs could differ from current listings. Maintenance fees also continue to rise YoY.

Key Takeaways

    There is wide variability in Dubai house prices ranging from studios under AED 500k to mansions over AED 100 million.

    The lowest prices are found in high-density communities like International City targeted at budget buyers and expats.

    Many popular neighborhoods with good amenities like Dubai Marina have apartments priced AED 1-3 million.

    Luxury homes on Palm Jumeirah or large Arabian Ranches villas start from AED 5 million+.

    The most expensive properties are custom mansions with 10,000+ sqft of living space.

    Location and property age are major pricing factors, but amenities, views, developers, and customization also impact costs.

Carefully consider your budget, lifestyle needs, and family size when house hunting in Dubai. While the luxury market gets much attention, there are options across price points.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What areas of Dubai are most affordable?
    Some of the most affordable areas for buying property in Dubai include International City, Discovery Gardens, Jumeirah Village, and Dubai Silicon Oasis. These areas mostly consist of smaller apartments and townhouses aimed at first-time buyers, expats, and investors seeking yield.

  2. What is the cheapest place to buy property in Dubai?
    Currently the cheapest properties available are studios in International City, with some listed under AED 300,000. However, there are additional fees to consider. Still this area offers the lowest priced freehold properties in Dubai.

  3. Is Jumeirah Lake Towers affordable?
    Jumeirah Lake Towers provides a reasonably affordable option for freehold apartments compared to other popular Dubai neighbourhoods. Typical 2-bedroom units sell for AED 1.2-1.8 million making it attractive to first-time buyers.

  4. What can I buy for AED 1 million?
    With a budget of AED 1 million you can purchase a 1 or small 2-bedroom apartment between 700-1,200 sqft in communities like Jumeirah Village, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Sports City, or Jumeirah Lake Towers. Options will be more limited at this price point compared to higher budgets.

  5. What is the cheapest villa in Dubai?
    The cheapest villas currently listed are townhouses in Remraam priced under AED 1.5 million. More commonly, smaller 3-bed townhouses in communities like Arabian Ranches, Damac Hills, and Town Square start from around AED 2 million.

  6. Is Downtown Dubai affordable?
    While more affordable than areas like the Palm Jumeirah, Downtown Dubai is still considered a luxury area. Typical apartment prices start from AED 2,500 psf, putting 2-bed units around AED 3 million. So Downtown is only relatively affordable for Dubai.

  7. Are Palm Jumeirah houses expensive?
    Yes, Palm Jumeirah is one of Dubai’s most expensive communities for buying property. Even small apartments begin around AED 3 million. Villas on the fronds or signature villas on the crescent can run over AED 50 million. So the Palm is an ultra luxury market.

  8. Where do millionaires live in Dubai?
    Many of Dubai’s millionaires and billionaires live in exclusive communities like Emirates Hills, Palm Jumeirah, and The World Islands with home values from AED 30 million up to over AED 100 million. These uber wealthy individuals own mansions with 10+ bedrooms alongside luxury vehicles and yachts on site.

  9. Is Dubai cheaper than USA?
    For luxury branded properties, like a waterfront high-rise apartment or a villa in a master planned community, Dubai is generally cheaper than comparable US cities like New York, Los Angeles, or Miami. But for simpler accommodations Dubai has caught up cost wise lately.

  10. Will Dubai property prices crash?
    While sales volumes slowed and prices dipped slightly in mid-2022, expert forecasts do not predict a market crash. The supply/demand balance remains healthy and the UAE’s strong economic outlook should continue propping up prices. So major declines appear unlikely versus simply a stabilization of the rapid growth seen in 2021.

  11. Is buying off plan risky?
    Buying off plan before completion does carry some risks, such as project delays or developers not completing promised amenities. But for reputable developers, it allows buyers to purchase at lower pre-construction prices. Investors can also benefit from capital appreciation during construction.

  12. What is the best property developer?
    Emaar, Damac and Nakheel are considered among the most reliable and highest quality developers in Dubai. Emaar has delivered many acclaimed masterplans like Downtown and Emaar South. While Nakheel developed the iconic Palm Jumeirah. So these developers have strong track records.

  13. How much is a 1 bedroom apartment in Dubai?
    Average listing prices for 1-bed apartments currently range from AED 650k-850k depending on the development, with areas like Dubai Marina and Downtown at the higher end while International City and Discovery Gardens price lower. Newer buildings have higher selling costs per square foot.

  14. Is Dubai cheaper than Australia?
    For comparable properties, Dubai generally offers better value than major Australian cities like Sydney and Melbourne which have seen huge price increases lately. Luxury waterfront apartments or large suburban villas will cost much more in Australia versus UAE.


The Dubai property market provides options across all price points, from affordable studios to extravagant mansions worthy of billionaires. When determining your budget, carefully analyze key considerations like location, property type, developer reputation, community amenities, and any added fees.

While headlines focus on record-breaking luxury sales, there is a range of both new and resale options below AED 5 million in up and coming areas catering to first-time buyers, expats and investors. Ultimately your property budget will depend on lifestyle priorities and family needs. But with careful searches, you can find quality homes aligned with your financial capabilities.

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