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What is the forecast for Dubai property in 2024?

Dubai’s property market is expected to continue recovering in 2024 after a few years of declines. However, growth is likely to be more modest than the rapid rises seen in the last property boom.

What is the forecast for Dubai property in 2024?

Factors influencing Dubai property outlook

Several key factors are shaping the outlook for Dubai real estate in 2024:

Economic growth

  • Dubai’s economy is projected to grow at over 5% in 2024, supporting property demand. However, growth is slowing from 2022-2023 levels as the post-COVID rebound levels off.
  • Increasing business activity, expanding tourism and EXPO 2025 should sustain interest in commercial and short-term rental properties.
  • Population is increasing thanks to working-age immigrants, supporting residential demand. But demand remains heavily dependent on expat white-collar employment.

Supply and demand rebalancing

  • Housing supply has now corrected after 2014-2018 overbuilding, reducing downward pressure on prices and rents.
  • Despite rising costs, developers are expected to carefully manage new projects to prevent future oversupply.

Government reforms

  • Initiatives like visa reforms are attracting more residents and investors to Dubai.
  • New regulations have also made the property market more transparent.
  • Government infrastructure projects continue improving liveability and connectivity.

Interest rates and lending

  • Global interest rate hikes may reduce speculative activity and stabilize the market.
  • Tighter lending conditions may deter short-term investors but support genuine buyers.

Geopolitical issues

  • Regional conflicts and economic uncertainty may periodically impact overseas investor confidence and demand from key feeder markets.

Dubai property price forecasts

Independent analysts are projecting modest Dubai property price appreciation in 2024:

  • Apartment prices up 1-3%
  • Villa prices up 3-5%
  • Prime areas may see larger increases
  • Rents will continue gradually recovering but remain tenant favorable

The market is expected to continue maturing with more sustainable growth rather than repeating the extreme highs and lows of previous cycles.

Recommendations for property buyers and investors

Dubai real estate in 2024 can offer good value and yields for long-term investors:

  • Focus on fundamentals like location, built quality and sensible entry prices rather than speculation
  • Balance between capital gains and rental returns based on investment goals
  • Target areas with strong population growth and employment drivers
  • Consider smaller, lower value properties to reduce risk
  • Select projects by reputable developers with good track records of delivery
  • Seek independent professional advice tailored to personal circumstances

The outlook remains cautiously optimistic, underpinned by Dubai’s development into a broad-based global hub. While short-term risks remain, the market is moving towards greater stability.

Key takeaways

  • Modest price growth forecast in 2024 following market adjustment
  • Fundamentals now driving appreciation rather than speculation
  • Market maturing towards more sustainable performance
  • Attractive prospects for long-term residential and commercial real estate investors
  • Selectivity and prudent strategy keys to success


After gyrating wildly in line with global macroeconomic trends, Dubai’s property market is settling into a more sustainable growth trajectory aligned with local economic expansion. While the new cycle upturn may moderate as headwinds persist, sound fundamentals should see prices continuing to appreciate at fair levels for both buyers and investors. The outlook in 2024 remains upbeat compared to gloomy predictions made just two years ago. However, a conservative, well-informed approach is key to successfully navigating Dubai’s property market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will Dubai property prices crash again?
A: Unlikely – supply has corrected and market has matured. Strict regulation minimizes speculative risk. But global headwinds may cause temporary setbacks.

Q: Is buying off-plan property in Dubai risky in 2024?
A: Lower risk than during 2014-2018 peak. But careful project/developer selection Still advised.

Q: Which Dubai areas will see the highest price growth in 2024?
A: Prime locations like Palm Jumeirah, Downtown Dubai. Also upcoming Expo 2025 host districts.

Q: Should I buy or rent property in Dubai in 2024?
A: Depends on personal circumstances and plans. Rental yields currently attractive. But prices expected to appreciate for long-term buyers.

Q: Will mortgage rates go up in Dubai?
A: Possible if US Fed hikes continue. But local banks remain liquid. UAE Dirham peg limits volatility.

Q: Are there any concerns buying property in Dubai as a foreigner?
A: No major hindrances now. Visa and ownership laws being relaxed. Enforceable protection with Title Deeds.

Q: What is the best property investment in Dubai?
A: For buy-to-let – affordable, smaller properties in high rental demand areas. For capital gains – new off-plan in prime locations.

Q: How much deposit do I need to buy property in Dubai?
A: 25-30% for off-plan. 35-50% for ready secondary property. Higher for foreigners without UAE residence visa.

Q: What is the property purchase process in Dubai?
A: Find property & negotiatiate price > Appoint real estate agent > Sign sale agreement > Apply for mortgage > Property registration & transfer.

Q: How much are agent fees when buying Dubai property?
A: Typically 2-3% of purchase price plus 5% VAT. Paid by buyer on successful sale completion.

Q: Should I use a single ownership or jointly purchase Dubai property?
A: Single (sole) ownership simpler for future sales. Joint ownership often preferred for mortgage purposes. Depends on specific case.

Q: Can foreigners get a Dubai property mortgage?
A: Yes – many banks offer mortgages to non-residents. Usually 50-60% LTV. Higher interest rates than UAE nationals.

Q: What is the Dubai Land Department (DLD) fee?
A: 4% of property sale value paid to DLD for registration and transfer costs.

Q: Are the service charges for Dubai property expensive?
A: Varies by community – typically 30-50 AED per sq ft for apartments. High service levels but can be 100k+ AED annually for villas.

Q: Is it a good time to invest in Dubai commercial property?
A: Improving outlook with EXPO 2025 and tourism rebound. But office oversupply remains. Retail and industrial preferred sectors.

Q: What yield can I expect from Dubai buy-to-let property?
A: Gross rental yields average 5-8%. But wide variation by area. Newer properties often have lower yields but higher tenant demand.

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