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Why are so many Indians buying property in Dubai?

Dubai has emerged as a popular real estate investment destination for Indians due to its strategic location, business-friendly environment, luxury amenities, and tax incentives. With over 3.3 million Indians living in the UAE, purchasing property in Dubai provides a home away from home in a familiar cultural setting.

Why are so many Indians buying property in Dubai?

Key Factors Driving Indian Investment in Dubai Real Estate

Strategic Location and Connectivity

  • Dubai is a global hub located at intersection of Europe, Asia and Africa
  • Emirates flies to all major Indian cities making travel convenient
  • Nearby time zone allows remote working with India without disruption

Business Environment and Job Opportunities

  • 0% personal and corporate income tax attracts executives and entrepreneurs
  • Dubai has become synonymous with luxury experiences
  • Growing financial services, healthcare, retail sectors create jobs
  • Free trade zones offer full foreign ownership and tax incentives

Luxury Amenities and Lifestyle

  • Iconic developments featuring championship golf courses and private beaches
  • Access to luxury hotels, malls, restaurants catering to all tastes
  • Family friendly communities with parks, pools, clubs and amenities

Security and Transparency

  • Strict regulatory oversight and title deed system provide security
  • RERA law protects real estate investors’ interests

Tax Incentives and Growth Potential

  • No capital gains or inheritance tax make Dubai property valuable long term
  • Supply constraints in completed properties push capital appreciation
  • Hosting World Expo 2025 and tourism growth provide economic tailwinds

Table summarizing key factors attracting Indian property buyers to Dubai:

Factor Description
Strategic location Global hub between Europe, Asia and Africa with excellent connectivity to India
Business environment No income tax, free zones and job growth attract professionals and entrepreneurs
Luxury amenities Iconic developments with golf courses, beaches and hotels catering to all tastes
Lifestyle Family friendly communities with strong Indian culture familiarity
Security Strict regulation and title deed system provide safety and transparency
Tax incentives No capital gains or inheritance taxes make property valuable long term
Growth potential Supply constraints, World Expo 2025 and expanding tourism provide economic tailwinds

Dubai Offers the Best of Both Worlds for Indian Expats

For Indian expats, Dubai offers the ability to maintain cultural and linguistic familiarity with a taste of home as well as exposure to new experiences.

Maintaining Ties to Home

  • Over 3.3 million Indians already live in UAE
  • Direct flights connect major Indian cities
  • Similar time zone allows remote work opportunities
  • Temples, mosques and Indian restaurants, films/media provide familiarity

Experiencing the Glamour of Dubai

  • Luxury malls, dining and global events like World Expo 2025
  • Family friendly beaches, resorts and theme parks
  • Golf courses, polo clubs and world class spas
  • Desert safaris, dune buggies, water sports and supercars

Factors Influencing Property Purchase Decisions

Indian buyers survey neighborhoods, amenities, developer reputation and payment plans when choosing where to purchase in Dubai.

Neighborhood Factors

  • Proximity to family/friends or areas with more Indian residents
  • Access to transportation routes, schools, shopping centers and community amenities

Developer Reputation and Post-handover Management

  • Renowned developers like Emaar or Nakheel instill buyer confidence
  • Strata regulation for maintained communities after handover

Payment Plans and Mortgages

  • Flexible installment plans over 3-4 years in under-construction projects
  • Expat mortgages available from leading UAE banks often with 25% down payment

Below table summarizes the main factors influencing property purchase decisions:

Consideration Description
Location Proximity to transportation, community amenities, family/friends or Indian neighborhoods
Developer Reputation for delivering high quality projects on time
Post-handover management Strata regulation providing community oversight
Payments Flexible installments plans, mortgages requiring 25% down

Popular Areas for India Property Buyers

The top Dubai areas attracting Indian buyers include Downtown Dubai, Arabian Ranches, Jumeirah Village Circle and Dubai Marina due to their amenities and community feel.

Downtown Dubai

The center of tourism and culture located near iconic Burj Khalifa offers elegant living minutes from Dubai Mall and top attractions.

Popular communities: Burj Khalifa, Opera District, Dubai Fountain District

Arabian Ranches

Family friendly communities feature spacious villas with access to golf courses, riding stables, bike trails and community pools within a picturesque desert setting.

Popular communities: Alma, Al Reem, Saheel

Jumeirah Village Circle

Affordable freehold communities conveniently located near Dubai Marina and Jebel Ali Village offer a mix of townhouse and villa style homes.

Popular communities: Golf Gardens, Indigo Heights, Arjan

Dubai Marina

The bustling waterfront area provides high-rise living alongside trendy restaurants and entertainment in walkable communities.

Popular communities: Cayan Tower, Harbour Residences, Princess Tower

The below map shows the most popular areas for Indian real estate buyers in Dubai based on neighborhoods, amenities and access:

Table summarizing the key details on each area:

Area Description Typical Property Types
Downtown Dubai Iconic mixed-use district near Burj Khalifa and top attractions Luxury high rises
Arabian Ranches Picturesque desert communities with spacious villas and top amenities Family villas
Jumeirah Village Circle Affordable freehold communities located near major attractions Townhouses and villas
Dubai Marina Trendy waterfront district with walkable access and entertainment High rises with water views

Process for Indians Purchasing Dubai Property

The property buying process involves saving for a down payment, choosing an area/development, reserving a unit and arranging for payment financing.

Saving for a Down Payment

  • Self-funded savings – Park cash in low-risk fixed deposits for 6-12 months
  • Raise funds by taking personal loan against existing property
  • Borrow from extended family members under mutual agreement

Selecting a Development

  • Research neighborhoods, amenities, developer reputation
  • Consult real estate portals like Property Finder for listings
  • Visit communities and model units in person where possible

Reserving Chosen Unit

  • Submit 10% booking deposit to reserve off-plan property
  • Sign sales purchase agreement reserving property in buyer’s name
  • Pending payments made in installments based on construction progress

Completing Payments

  • Self-financeremaining installments from offshore accounts
  • Obtain mortgage from leading UAE banks providing 50-75% financing
  • Post-handover registration with Dubai Land Department secures ownership

Below checklists summarizes key steps for Indian buyers in acquiring Dubai real estate:

Saving for Down Payment

Park cash in safe fixed deposits for 6-12 months

Take personal loan against owned property if applicable

  • Borrow from extended family under mutual agreement

Selecting Property

Research locations, amenities, developers reputation

Review listings on portals like Property Finder

  • Visit communities and model units where possible

Reserving Unit

Submit 10% booking deposit

  • Sign sales purchase agreement

Completing Payments

Self-finance remaining installments

Obtain partial mortgage from UAE bank

  • Final registration with Dubai Land Department

Key Takeaways

  • Strategic location as a global hub, strong business climate and luxury amenities attract Indian property buyers to Dubai
  • Maintaining Indian culture while experiencing Dubai’s glamour appeals to expats
  • Developer reputation, neighborhood and payment terms drive purchase decisions
  • Downtown Dubai, Arabian Ranches, Jumeirah Village Circle and Dubai Marina are top areas
  • Meticulous financial planning, research and expert legal guidance needed to safely navigate property purchase


Dubai offers Indian expatriates and investors an unmatched blend of familiar cultural comforts from home alongside glamorous new experiences culminating in a premium lifestyle. Its strategic hub location, resilient tax-free business environment, milestone events like Expo 2025 and luxury amenities will likely sustain demand from Indian property buyers for years to come. However, adequate legal and financial planning remain essential to avoid any pitfalls.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Why are Indians so attracted to the Dubai real estate market?
    Indians are attracted by Dubai’s Arabian Gulf location as a global connecting point between Europe, Asia and Africa. Its tax-free environment offers unparalleled opportunities for business professionals, entrepreneurs and investors alike. The luxury amenities, safety, lifestyle perks and rental yields also appeal to Indians.

  2. Which areas of Dubai are most popular with Indian buyers?
    Areas like Downtown Dubai, Arabian Ranches, Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Village Circle have proven highly popular with Indian buyers to date thanks to their strategic locations, community feel and luxury amenities.

  3. What should Indian property buyers research before purchasing?
    Indian buyers should thoroughly research neighborhoods, surrounding amenities, access to transportation hubs, reputation of the developer, strata regulation, and resale value before committing to purchase Dubai real estate.

  4. What are the steps in the Dubai property purchasing process for Indians?
    The process involves saving for a down payment, selecting a development, reserving the property by booking deposit, signing sales purchase agreement, making installment payments keyed to construction milestones, final post-handover registration and securing partial mortgage financing if desired.

  5. What property types are most popular with Indian expat buyers?
    Indians gravitate towards high rise apartments in Downtown Dubai, spacious family villas in master-planned communities like Arabian Ranches, mid-range townhouses in affordable areas like Jumeirah Village Circle and Dubai Marina waterfront towers.

  6. How can Indians finance a Dubai property purchase?
    Self-funding full cash payments by parking money offshore, borrowing from family members under mutual agreement, obtaining a personal loan against existing properties in India, and securing a partial mortgage from leading UAE banks are popular options used by Indian buyers.

  7. What are the tax implications for Indians buying Dubai real estate?
    One of the top advantages for Indians is the ability to purchase Dubai property completely tax free with no capital gains, inheritance, or rental taxes due. This contrasts sharply with India which applies substantial taxation to property transactions.

  8. Can Indians easily get a home loan for Dubai from UAE banks?
    Yes. Many leading local banks like Mashreq, Emirates NBD and Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank offer Indians mortgages covering 50-75% of a property’s value. Fast-track approvals for select high net worth Indian customers also expedite the financing process.

  9. How is Dubai’s luxury real estate sector faring at the moment in terms of prices?
    Despite global headwinds, Dubai’s luxury sector continues to break new records with upscale properties registering a 27.7% annual price growth in prime villa communities like Palm Jumeirah and condos in iconic towers like Burj Khalifa. This contrasts sharply with luxury property declines seen in other major global cities.

  10. Are there any risks involved for Indians in buying property in Dubai?
    Like other markets, inherent risks exist around factors like delayed project handovers, evolving strata regulation and changing economic conditions. Proper due diligence in selecting reputed developers and consulting qualified legal professionals is key to mitigating risks for Indian buyers unfamiliar with Dubai property nuances.

  11. Is Dubai’s property market expected to remain resilient moving forward?
    Yes. Continued infrastructure upgrades keyed to Expo 2025, government incentives aimed at attracting skilled professionals, and new measures allowing expats to retire in Dubai on residence visas will likely sustain real estate demand across segments from end-users and institutional investors alike.

  12. Will rising interest rates deter Indian property buyers from entering Dubai market?
    Developers are absorbing the impact of rising rates by not raising prices on new launches. Instead they focus incentives on deferred payment plans, guaranteed rents and payment holidays to sustain demand. Indians planning properly can still capitalize at current prices.

  13. What type of annual returns can Indian buyers expect from Dubai investment properties?
    Prime areas in Dubai with strong demand fundamentals can still achieve 8-10% in rental yields across residential and commercial assets. Factoring long term capital appreciation, total ROI typically ranges from 10-25% annually making Dubai property highly lucrative for Indian investors.

  14. What Dubai developer communities should Indian buyers specifically target?
    Emaar, Nakheel, Danube, Azizi and Damac rank among the most reputed developers for Indians weighing Dubai purchase options. Their projects in prime Dubai districts like Downtown, Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Creek Harbour feature exceptional quality standards and delivery reliability.

  15. What are the latest luxury amenities that Indian buyers covet in Dubai properties
    Luxury buyers gravitate towards premium branded fit-outs, private pools/cinemas, smart home automation, elite sports facilities like private golf simulators, health spas, fine dining venues, kids zones, and outdoor deck BBQ/lounge areas letting residents fully enjoy Dubai’s sunshine.

  16. Which Dubai communities offer top schooling options appealing to Indian families?
    Areas housing reputable Indian curriculum schools like Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai Land, Jumeirah Park, Dubai Sports City, Dubai Hills Estates rank among the most attractive options for families eyeing harmony between academics and lifestyle.

  17. How can Indian expats obtain financing for a Dubai property purchase?
    Banks consider income level, job stability, monthly rent covering at least 125% of the mortgage payment, minimum 25% down payment in cash, and favorable credit history. High net worth Indians may also leverage offshore investment portfolios to secure financing more easily.

  18. What after sales services do the top Dubai developers offer Indian buyers?
    Developers like Emaar provide dedicated investor relations teams focused on leasing and reselling units. They also assist buyers needing after sales maintenance via experienced facilities management crews familiar with serving the large Indian customer base.

  19. Which Dubai areas offer the best rental yields for Indian property investors?
    Business Bay near the Dubai Canal continues appreciating due its prime location while offering 8-10% yields driven by retail and office demand. Upcoming Expo 2020 sites also set to generate above average appreciation and yield potentials for Indian investors entering at current affordable prices.

  20. What special home loan rates or packages do UAE banks offer Indian expat borrowers?
    Most banks feature dedicated mortgage advisors catering specifically to the large Indian customer segment by streamlining approvals and foreseeing documentation or appraisal hurdles. Special Indian festive season offers often include reduced rates, extended tenures, and payment holidays as well.

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