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Will I get Golden Visa if I buy a house in Dubai?

Dubai has become one of the most popular destinations for real estate investment and immigration due to its strong economy, business-friendly environment, and high standard of living. The Emirate offers a range of residence visas aimed at attracting wealthy individuals and families from around the world. One such visa is the Golden Visa. Here is what you need to know about getting a Golden Visa by purchasing property in Dubai.

Will I get Golden Visa if I buy a house in Dubai?

What is Dubai’s Golden Visa?

The United Arab Emirates launched the Golden Visa system in 2019 to provide 10-year residency visas to investors, entrepreneurs, specialized talents, researchers, and outstanding students. It replaced previous 5-year residence visas.

The goal of the new initiative was to attract greater foreign investment and encourage the influx of global talent and expertise to contribute to the UAE’s economic growth.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria to obtain the 10-year Golden Visa include:

    Investors – Investing at least AED 10 million in public investments or establishing a company in the UAE

    Entrepreneurs – Having previous business experience and ownership in a successful startup in the fields of technology, health, education etc.

    Specialized Talents – Having outstanding achievements, talents and influence in fields like science & knowledge, arts & culture etc.

    Outstanding Students – Outstanding high school and university students in the UAE and abroad

Can I Get Golden Visa by Buying Property in Dubai?

Yes, you can obtain a 10-year Golden Visa by purchasing property worth at least AED 2 million in Dubai. The visa will be valid for 5 years initially but can be renewed without restrictions to complete 10 years.

The property can include any type of real estate like residential villas, apartments, commercial units, plots of land etc. It can be purchased on freehold basis (you get full ownership) or on a 99-year leasehold

You only need to provide proof of the property purchase and meet some basic eligibility criteria:

    Have a valid UAE entry permit

    Provide previous property ownership records if applicable

    Show proof of funds to pay for the property

    Pass a background verification check

The Golden Visa will allow you and your family members to continuously live, work and study in Dubai without needing a national sponsor. You can also easily sponsor residency visas for domestic labour like drivers, housekeepers, nurses etc.

Key Takeaway: Yes, foreigners can obtain 10-year Golden Visas in the UAE by purchasing property worth AED 2 million or more in Dubai. This offers the benefit of long-term residency without restrictions.

What Properties Qualify for Getting Golden Visa?

While the Dubai Land Department has clear rules regarding the eligibility criteria for Golden Visas through property purchase, some common questions arise on what type of properties qualify.

Here are some important points:

    The property needs to be purchased from an approved real estate developer in Dubai

    Pre-construction or off-plan property purchases also qualify provided full payment is made

    Joint ownership of a property with a value exceeding AED 2 million also qualifies

    Purchase of land plots, commercial units and warehouses also count provided criteria is met

    The property value does not include furnishings, parking spaces etc. Only the base property price.

So in summary – purchasing any form of real estate valued at AED 2 million or higher in Dubai would make you eligible. Off-plan purchases are also permitted as long as payments are fully completed.

Will I Get Golden Visa by Buying an Apartment in Dubai?

Many real estate investors interested in Golden Visas prefer residential units like apartments due to affordability. So a common query is if buying an apartment in Dubai for AED 2 million qualifies for the 10-year visa.

The answer is – Yes absolutely.

As per regulations,  any purchase of completed or off-plan apartment, villa or townhouse meeting the minimum price criteria in Dubai guarantees the Golden Visa for investors.

The property needs to bought on freehold basis which allows full ownership to foreigners. Or on 99-year leasehold contracts.

Whether you purchase a studio, 1BR, 2BR or 3BR apartment – if the total sales price exceeds AED 2 million – you and your family get the Golden Visa benefits.

How to Apply for Golden Visa After Property Purchase?

The process of availing the long term Golden Visa after buying property in Dubai is fairly straightforward:

Step 1 – After completing the property purchase and registration process with the Dubai Land Department, you will receive a title deed. This shows legal ownership/leasehold rights.

Step 2 – Submit a Golden Visa application at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) along with title deed, property purchase proof, valid UAE entry permit copy and other documents.

Step 3 – The application will be initially assessed by immigration officers. If eligible, it is forwarded to medical fitness test centres for further processing.

Step 4 – Once medical tests are completed, the application enters final stage of approval by higher authorities.

Step 5 – After approximately 2-4 weeks, the Golden Visa is issued and can be collected from any GDRFA office in Dubai. The 10-year visa will have a 5-year validity which can be infinitely renewed.

So in short – submit the property papers, application form, fees and verification documents at the immigration office to get your Dubai Golden Visa within a month or less in most cases.

Who Gets Included in My Golden Visa?

A key advantage of residence visas in the UAE tied to property investment is the ability to sponsor family members. With the Golden Visa, you can sponsor the following dependents:

    Your spouse

    Your children below age 25

    Your legally dependent parents (certain conditions apply)

Children with disabilities and adult daughters can be sponsored without any age limit as part of the visa.

All dependents will get similar benefits of hassle-free long term UAE residency, simplified process for sponsoring domestic help, drivers etc.

However children reaching 25 years of age and dependent parents will require separate sponsor residents when their visa term ends.

So in summary – your spouse and children below 25 years get the fullest benefits linked to your Dubai Golden Visa.

Can I Sponsor Domestic Help if I Get Golden Visa?

This is one of the biggest advantages of getting Dubai’s 10-year Golden Visa for investors.

As per UAE immigration laws, residence visa holders who are legally sponsored by family members or employers need to get their approval for sponsoring domestic workers like:





    Private teachers/tutors


    Security guards

However those having Golden Visas as property investors can independently sponsor domestic employees and labour without needing any third party permissions.

This gives you hassle-free flexibility to legally hire domestic help meeting your family’s requirements. The key advantage compared to 5 year visas.

Will My Family Also Get Residency Visas?

Yes, one of the top benefits of an investor getting the 10-year Golden Visa in the UAE is that it allows you to sponsor faster residency permits with less restrictions for family members.

The eligible family members who can be sponsored as dependents on your Golden Visa include:

    Your spouse – wife/husband

    Sons below 25 years old

    Unmarried daughters of any age

    Parents under certain specific conditions

Children with disabilities and adult daughters can be sponsored as dependents without maximum age limit on the Golden Visa.

All dependents will get similar visa benefits in terms of duration, renewals, ability for hassle-free sponsoring of domestic employees etc.

However different conditions may apply for sons above 25 years old, married daughters and for renewing parent residency. They may require independent sponsorship.

So in essence – thanks to property based Golden Visa – you can easily sponsor residency permits for your spouse and most children.


For high net worth individuals and families worldwide, Dubai offers the attraction of unmatched residency privileges linked to investment in real estate.

The UAE Golden Visa scheme provides the benefit of 10 years of unrestricted living in one of the planet’s most dynamic global cities. For property investors buying units valued at over AED 2 million – the path is clear to acquire the benefits.

From simplified family sponsorship to domestic helper approvals and unlimited renewals – the Dubai Golden Visa marks a new era for easing ultra long term residency. With sustainable policy continuity expected – it creates opportunities to become a privileged member of this cosmopolitan society.

For investors who can afford luxury or premium category homes, the Golden Visa offers a secure, high value lifestyle with minimal red tape. A catalyst for residing in a land of opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the minimum property value to qualify for Golden Visa?
A: You need to purchase a completed or off-plan property worth AED 2 million or higher.

Q: Can I purchase land or commercial property for Golden Visa?
A: Yes, land plots, retail units, offices, warehouses etc valued at over AED 2 million make you eligible.

Q: Do I get full ownership of property with Golden Visa?
A: You can purchase with 100% freehold title deed. Or on 99 year leasehold contracts.

Q: How much money do I need to invest to get Golden Visa?
A: The minimum is AED 2 million for property purchase. For public investments it is AED 10 million. Other options exist too.

Q: Can I renew the 5 year Golden Visa infinitely?
A: Yes, after the first 5 years, you can renew without any restrictions for completing 10 years.

Q: Can I buy property worth AED 2 million jointly with others?
A: Yes joint ownership meets the criteria for all investors interested.

Q: Can I buy off-plan property for getting Golden Visa?
A: Off-plan purchases qualify provided you make full payment before possession date

Q: Is rental income from UAE property eligible for Golden Visa?
A: No, you need to make the minimum real estate purchase valued at AED 2 million.

Q: Can I include car parking, furnishings etc to meet minimum property price?
A: No, only the base property purchase price excludes other assets.

Q: Can I sponsor domestic staff like driver, nanny etc on Golden Visa?
A: Yes, Golden Visa holders can independently sponsor domestic employees.

Q: Can I buy 1 bedroom apartment for Golden Visa eligibility?
A: Yes 1 or 2 or 3 BHK qualify provided total value exceeds AED 2 million.

Q: Do I need a Dubai bank account to buy property for Golden Visa?
A: No, the property sale can be made from overseas accounts. Funds transfer must be proven.

Q: Can I switch jobs easily in UAE with Golden Visa?
A: Yes, the 10 year visa offers you ease of switching employers without impacting residency.

Q: Will my children get free education in UAE schools due to Golden Visa?
A: No, there are no special education benefits. Normal school fees apply.

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