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Are Indians buying property in Dubai?

Dubai has emerged as a popular global real estate investment destination, particularly among Indians. Factors like strong returns, favorable government policies, and lifestyle attractions motivate Indian property purchases in Dubai.

Are Indians buying property in Dubai?

High rental yields and capital appreciation

  • Dubai offers rental yields between 5-8%, stronger than yields in Indian metro cities
  • Capital values have appreciated over 20% in last 2 years across Dubai
  • Strong growth outlook over next 5 years continues attracting investors

Business-friendly environment

  • Dubai actively works to attract foreign businesses and workers
  • Significant Indian community provides comfort and networks
  • Strategic location facilitates trade flows with India

Global connectivity through Emirates airline

  • Extensive flight network connects Dubai to all major Indian cities
  • Smooth transit drives tourism and investments from Indians

Luxury amenities and tax-free living

  • High-quality community living attracts ultra HNIs and families
  • No personal or corporate income taxes increase net returns

Favorable government policies

  • Foreigners allowed to purchase and own freehold property
  • Long-term residency visas available against property purchases
  • Steady initiatives to boost transparency and efficiency

Dubai residential property trends that interest Indians

Specific segments of Dubai’s residential market currently interest Indian investors:

Branded luxury apartments

  • Prime areas like Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina see high demand
  • Branded projects by globally renowned developers most popular
  • Luxury amenities, iconic architecture among key attractions

Villas in master-planned communities

  • Mohammed Bin Rashid City, Dubailand Villas in focus
  • Blend luxury living with community facilities
  • Yields remain competitive against other global cities

Affordable housing

  • Budget housing in International City, Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) gaining traction
  • Caters to mid-income expatriate families and students
  • Yields often over 8% despite smaller ticket sizes

Green residential projects

  • Sustainable communities like Serena, stylistic TREEHOUS attract buyers
  • Strong future demand anticipated for such developments
  • Indians increasingly favor green real estate offerings

Key Dubai areas where Indians purchase property

Preferred investment locations differ across buyer groups:

Key locations Details
Downtown Dubai Prime site for luxury branded homes, offices. Near Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall.
Dubai Marina High-rise towers, walkable waterfront. Attracts young professionals, students.
Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) Affordable high-rises with amenities. Growing community of Indians.
Business Bay Central location, waterfront views. Mix of commercial and residences.
Arabian Ranches Branded family-friendly villas and townhouses. Schools, retail, amenities.

Process for Indians to buy Dubai property

Indians follow a systematic process to successfully purchase property in Dubai:

Step 1: Identification of property based on preferences

  • Location, project, type of unit, budget among key considerations

Step 2: Due diligence on chosen project and developer

  • Research on Google, property forums, brokers provides insights
  • Developer reputation, construction quality, and past delivery record vital

Step 3: Sourcing mortgage loan to fund purchase

  • Mortgages available to both residents and non-residents
  • Requires minimum 30-50% downpayment with instalments over 5-25 years

Step 4: Money transfer to Dubai from India

  • Remitting funds via legal routes like bank transfer, foreign exchange firms
  • Required documentation includes passport, visa, purchase letter

Step 5: Completion of property transaction

  • Hire a real estate broker or lawyer to prepare/verify paperwork
  • Make payments, complete registration, title deed transfer formalities

Government policy initiatives that benefit property investors

Supportive initiatives for real estate investors and end-users include:

  • Longer duration visit, retirement, and investor visas tying with property
  • Enhanced rental dispute resolution mechanisms favoring owners
  • Gradual maturing of escrow account regulation to protect project delays
  • Growing transparency on title deed issuance and transfer processes
  • Robust technology adoption across approval authorities improves efficiency

These measures provide comfort to Indians aiming for Dubai property investments.

Key risks that Indian property buyers should consider

While positive on Dubai real estate, Indian buyers must acknowledge key risks:

  • Speculative overbuilding resulting in rental/price declines
  • Weak regulatory oversight on developers causing delays
  • Rising interest rates that stretch affordability for investors
  • Geopolitical tensions creating macroeconomic uncertainty
  • Changes in government policies like taxation rules or ownership rights

Indians should take measured exposure across projects and locations to mitigate risks.

Key Takeaways

  • Dubai offers strong yield prospects, global connectivity, and tax-free incentives that attract Indian property investments.
  • Prime areas see high demand from Indians seeking luxury branded apartments or custom villas.
  • Supportive government initiatives like retirement visas and growing process efficiency benefit investors.
  • However, overbuilding risks, weak regulations, rising rates warrant measured investing.


Dubai remains a favored global city for Indian real estate investments with higher yields, lifestyle offerings, connectivity, and tax incentives as key attractions. While recent government initiatives have boosted market maturity and transparency, risks like overbuilding, rising rates, and geopolitics call for smart investing instead of speculative approaches. As Dubai continues strengthening its foundations for sustained growth, Indian buyer interest should remain healthy over the coming decade.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  Why do Indians buy property in Dubai?
    Indians buy Dubai property for higher rental returns, capital appreciation, global connectivity, luxury amenities, tax-free income and favorable government policies. 
  2.  What yield can an Indian expect on Dubai property?
    Annual rental yields range from 5-8% on average. Luxury properties tend to be on the lower side while affordable housing yields tend to exceed 8%. 
  3.  What are the main risks of buying property for Indians in Dubai?
    Key risks that Indian property buyers must assess are overbuilding leading to reduced rents/prices, weak regulatory oversight on developers, rising mortgage rates, and changes in government policies. 
  4.  What are the popular areas in Dubai for Indian home buyers?
    Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina, Business Bay, Arabian Ranches and areas near community clusters attract the most Indian interest currently. 
  5.  What is the process for Indians to purchase Dubai property?
    The purchase process includes identifying a property, conducting due diligence, securing a mortgage, remitting funds to Dubai, and completing ownership registration formalities via brokers. 
  6.  What kind of properties do Indians buy in Dubai?
    Indians mostly purchase branded luxury apartments, custom villas in communities, affordable studio units and sustainable green buildings catering to various budgets and needs. 
  7.  Do Indians need a mortgage loan to buy Dubai property?
    Mortgage loans help optimize financial leverage but are not mandatory. Indians with sufficient capital sometimes purchase outright without financing. 
  8.  How much money do Indians spend on average on Dubai property?
    While wide variations exist across buyers, average investment size for Indians likely ranges from AED 1-3 million with rising appetite for premium purchases. 
  9.  Which locations offer budget property options to Indian buyers?
    Budget options are available in locations like International City, Discovery Gardens, Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubailand Villa communities. 
  10.  What taxes do Indian expats need to pay on Dubai property?
    Indian expats enjoy a tax-free environment in Dubai. There is no capital gains tax or recurring taxes related to real estate ownership as per current laws. 
  11.  Which developers have a good reputation among Indian property buyers?
    Emaar, Nakheel, Damac, Azizi, Sobha are some reputable developers with strong track record, construction quality and appeal for Indians. 
  12.  Can Indian citizens easily secure home loans to fund Dubai purchases?
    Yes, top UAE banks provide easily accessible mortgages for Indian expats and non-residents to finance part of their real estate purchase. 
  13.  Do Indians prefer buying freehold or leasehold properties in Dubai?
    Most Indians prefer freehold titles that confer full ownership rights although leaseholds also available across specific areas.

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