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What is the richest estate in Dubai?

Dubai is known for its extravagant architecture, luxury experiences, and affluent population. As one of the wealthiest cities in the world, Dubai is home to some of the most expensive and over-the-top residential developments on earth. When it comes to the richest estates in Dubai, a few prestigious communities stand out above the rest.

What is the richest estate in Dubai?

Emirates Hills

One of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Dubai, Emirates Hills is a prime luxury estate located just outside of downtown. Sometimes referred to as the “Beverly Hills of Dubai,” Emirates Hills is guarded by security patrols and features sprawling villas, picturesque landscapes, and every amenity imaginable. The elite community is home to top business executives, royal family members, celebrities, and ultra high net worth individuals.

Key facts about Emirates Hills:

  • Developed in 2000 as Dubai’s first gated community
  • Home prices average $5,000+ per square foot
  • Residents include soccer star David Beckham, actor Vin Diesel, and members of the royal Al Maktoum family
  • Community features private schools, shops, restaurants, sports facilities, healthcare clinic, and equestrian center

With lavish Arabian architecture and resort-style living, Emirates Hills sets the benchmark for luxury living in Dubai.

Palm Jumeirah

This man-made archipelago in the shape of a palm tree off the coast of Dubai has become symbolic of the city’s trademark extravagance. Palm Jumeirah is one of the most sought-after residential developments in the city, with waterfront villas perched at the end of each “frond” that can cost tens of millions of dollars. These signature properties offer stunning ocean views and more square footage than most single-family homes.

Key facts about Palm Jumeirah:

  • Development began in 2001, with first residents moving in 2006
  • Comprised of over 4,000 luxury villas and apartments
  • World-famous Atlantis hotel with aquatic theme park located at center of the “crescent”
  • Homes owned by celebrities like David and Victoria Beckham, Shah Rukh Khan, and Lewis Hamilton
  • Villas cost from $3M to $30M+; average cost per square foot over $2,500

With private beaches, yacht access, and uninterrupted views of the Persian Gulf, Palm Jumeirah is the ultimate status symbol for Dubai’s elite.

Dubai Hills Estate

One of the newer luxury residential developments in Dubai, Dubai Hills Estate has quickly become one of the most desirable and expensive communities in the city. Built around a golf course and central park, the neighborhood offers a peaceful oasis within busy Dubai. The estate is located just 15 minutes from downtown and the international airport.

Key facts about Dubai Hills Estate:

  • Development by Emaar Properties commenced in 2014
  • Over 700 luxury villas and townhouses completed as of 2022
  • 18-hole championship golf course managed by Troon Golf
  • Central park larger than London’s Hyde Park
  • 2 international schools located within the development
  • Additional planned facilities include shopping mall, restaurants, sports venues

With state-of-the-art smart home technologies and amenities straight out of a five-star resort, Dubai Hills Estate caters to the most discerning elite buyers.

Key Takeaways

  • Dubai is one of the wealthiest cities on earth and home to some of the world’s most expensive and luxurious private communities, with average home prices ranging from $3 million to over $30 million.
  • Emirates Hills, Palm Jumeirah, and Dubai Hills Estate are widely considered Dubai’s top three elite estates, offering luxury villas, five-star amenities, resort-style living, and exclusivity befitting the world’s ultra-wealthy.
  • From celebrity homeowners to royal family members, the residents of these prestigious developments have almost unlimited means and live a lifestyle out of reach for the average person.
  • These neighborhoods exemplify Dubai’s culture of extravagance and architectural innovation, with one-of-a-kind designed estates pushing the boundaries of luxury living year after year.


Dubai has cultivated a global reputation for being home to architectural marvels and man-made wonders. This extends to its residential developments, with communities like Emirates Hills, Palm Jumeirah, and Dubai Hills Estate representing the pinnacle of luxury living and commanding record prices for single-family homes year after year.

As the wealthy continue flocking to Dubai, these exclusive estates only stand to become more prestigious and expensive over time. They embody the vast economic disparities and pursuit of the ultimate luxury lifestyle that has come to define Dubai on the global stage. For the world’s rich and famous, owning property in one of Dubai’s elite estates carries tremendous status and cachet, not to mention providing resort-caliber amenities just outside one’s front door.

With more cutting-edge luxury developments in the pipeline, Dubai appears poised to remain a top destination for the mega-rich looking to own ultra-lavish property in the Middle East. Its richest estates will likely continue raising the bar for what’s possible in curating one-of-a-kind, over-the-top living experiences tailored specifically for billionaires and royalty.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which estate is considered the most expensive and exclusive in Dubai?
    Emirates Hills is widely regarded as Dubai’s most prestigious and expensive estate, with average home prices over $5,000 per square foot. Its ultra-luxury villas, private facilities, and gated security make it the most exclusive residential community in the city.

  2. How much do homes cost on Palm Jumeirah?
    Villas on Palm Jumeirah can cost anywhere from $3 million on the low end and up to $30+ million for mansions at the end of fronds with unobstructed ocean views. The average cost per square foot is estimated to be over $2,500.

  3. Who are some famous people that live in Dubai’s luxury estates?
    Celebrities who own homes in Dubai’s premium communities include David and Victoria Beckham, Shah Rukh Khan, Vin Diesel, Roger Federer, and members of the royal Al Maktoum family.

  4. What makes Dubai Hills Estate one of Dubai’s top new luxury estates?
    Dubai Hills Estate offers expansive villas with smart home technology and a championship golf course surrounded by a large central park. The development was built by Emaar and designed as a premium estate for Dubai’s elite within a peaceful, green community.

  5. Which luxury estate is the most family-friendly?
    Dubai Hills Estate caters exceptionally well to families with its two international schools located within the development, in addition to its central park and abundant community amenities like shopping and dining. Palm Jumeirah and Emirates Hills also offer family-friendly attractions and activities.

  6. Are foreigners allowed to purchase property in the exclusive estates?
    Yes. Foreigners make up a significant share of buyers in Dubai’s luxury estate market. The only regulation is that foreigners are only allowed to own property in certain designated areas approved by the government.

  7. Do residents receive special perks or benefits?
    Residents can access exclusive amenities like private beaches, yacht clubs, equestrian facilities, fine dining, golf courses, fitness centers and wellness facilities located within their communities. Concierge, valet, and home services also cater specifically to estate homeowners.

  8. How much is the annual service fee for a villa in Emirates Hills?
    Annual community fees on a typical Emirates Hills luxury villa are estimated to be around $48,000. This pays for facilities maintenance, landscaping, private security, garbage collection and utilities infrastructure.

  9. Are there properties available for rent in Palm Jumeirah?
    Yes, there is a rental market on Palm Jumeirah, however availability is lower than purchase units. Many investors buy luxury apartments and villas solely to rent out at premium rates, some in excess of $20,000 per month for a 3-4 bedroom villa during peak seasons.

  10. What are the best ways to find properties for sale in Dubai’s luxury estates?
    The leading real estate agencies like Better Homes, and Gulf Sotheby’s International Realty are the top resources for viewing and buying multimillion dollar listings in Dubai’s most exclusive estates.
  11. Will prices in premium Dubai estates continue to rise?
    Industry analysts predict luxury estate prices in desirable areas like Palm Jumeirah to steadily rise over the next decade given limited supply and unrelenting demand from ultra high net worth buyers from around the world.
  12. Are there any new luxury estates being developed in Dubai?
    Yes. Emaar is developing Arabian Ranches III and Dubai Creek Harbors, two new high-end villa communities scheduled to be completed over the next 3-5 years. These estates will feature crystal lagoons, retail villages, restaurants, and Dubai’s next top golf courses.
  13. What is the ultimate dream home for Dubai’s elite buyers?
    For the top tier of luxury buyers, the most coveted properties are the signature waterfront mansions located at the end of Palm Jumeirah fronds. These unique homes offer absolutely unobstructed views, acres of private space, hundreds of feet of beachfront, and the utmost exclusivity and prestige.
  14. How close are the elite estates to Dubai’s best private schools?
    Dubai Hills Estate and Emirates Hills feature top international schools on-site. Other options like Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Islands are located within a short 10-15 minute drive from highly-rated schools like Gems Wellington Academy and Dubai British School.
  15. Do developers offer custom-build programs for luxury estates?
    Some do provide custom-build services, though options are often limited once ground has broken on a new development and master infrastructure is locked in. Still, buyers can frequently make extensive interior design customizations and layout changes to better suit their needs within the basic structural envelope.
  16. What sets Dubai’s luxury estates apart from other global cities?
    Exceptional amenities, the amount of livable square footage, and over-the-top extravagant designs providing one-of-a-kind living experiences. Enormous great rooms opening to the ocean under soaring 30 foot ceilings covered in Swarovski crystals – this level of custom opulence is unmatched anywhere else.
  17. Are there property taxes for estate homeowners?
    Dubai does not impose income tax or property taxes. Buyers may have to pay a one-time land registration fee ranging from 2-6% of a home’s sale price. Many costs are subsidized for Emirati nationals owning property in the UAE.
  18. How walkable and pedestrian friendly are these developments?
    Communities are designed primarily around luxury vehicle transport rather than foot traffic. However wider promenades and space for cycling are increasingly incorporated into newer projects, particularly around key amenities like shopping and dining clusters. Cooling technologies also help mitigate issues with extreme heat.
  19. What measures are taken to ensure privacy and security?
    Gated security checkpoints strictly control access to estates, manned 24/7 by private guards. Properties themselves feature advanced smart home tech, cameras, sensors, and often safe rooms should any incident arise. Buyers can also opt to staff private security personnel dedicated solely to their home.
  20. Is freedom of expression or public protest permitted within the estates?
    Public demonstrations and political activism are strictly prohibited in the UAE. These estates are designed as refuges from such concerns, focused exclusively on luxury living without contention. Any disturbance of the peace or disruption of resident comfort and privacy is dealt with promptly by private security teams.

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