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Where is the most expensive place to buy a house in Dubai?

Dubai is known for its extravagant real estate market, with some of the most expensive properties in the world available for purchase. When looking at where the most expensive places to buy a house in Dubai are located, a few prime luxury areas stand out.

Where is the most expensive place to buy a house in Dubai?


Key Takeaways:

  • The Palm Jumeirah is the most exclusive and expensive area for real estate in Dubai, with villas costing over $10 million.
  • Emirates Hills and Al Barari are other top-tier luxury neighborhoods where mansions can cost upwards of $15 million.
  • Downtown Dubai near the Burj Khalifa and Mohammed bin Rashid City are also highly sought-after locations.
  • Prime beachfront properties on strips like Jumeirah Beach Road command premium prices.
  • Limited supply amid high demand continues to drive real estate prices higher in Dubai’s premier neighborhoods.

Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeirah, a man-made archipelago in the shape of a palm tree, is universally regarded as the most prestigious place to own property in Dubai. Villas on the “fronds” of the Palm Jumeirah with private beach access routinely sell for over $10 million. Many celebrity homeowners and ultra high-net-worth individuals own homes on the Palm.

Reasons why Palm Jumeirah real estate is so expensive include:

  • Exclusivity and luxury lifestyle image – It’s an aspirational location that denotes status.
  • Limited supply – As a manmade island, there are a finite number of plots.
  • Prime waterfront locations – Villas have private beaches and seaside access.
  • State-of-the-art amenities – 5-star hotels and resorts, luxury retail.
  • Views of Dubai Marina skyline – Most properties have scenic skyline vistas.
  • Round-the-clock security and privacy.

Some of the most lavish villas and mansions on the Palm Jumeirah costing $20 million+ can be found in the signature development called Palm Jumeirah Shoreline Apartments. Prices are expected to keep rising into the future given the demand and prestige associated with owning property on the Palm.

Emirates Hills

Emirates Hills is a master-planned community known as the “Beverly Hills of Dubai” given its concentration of sprawling mansions behind gated walls amid tropical greenery. Emirates Hills hosts some of the most expensive houses in Dubai, with the average villa priced from $5 million up to $15+ million.

What makes Emirates Hills such a desirable and expensive place to buy property include:

  • Heavily landscaped neighborhood – Lush gardens and greenery provide privacy.
  • Extra large plot sizes – Space for expansive mansions and lots of bedrooms.
  • Central location – 15 minutes to Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina.
  • Luxury facilities – Community sports complex, equestrian center, parks, lakes.
  • Security – 24/7 patrol and restricted access gates.
  • Nearby top schools – Located near premium schools.

New 30,000+ square foot mega-mansions are under construction in Emirates Hills with rumored price tags of $30-$50+ million as the ultra-wealthy compete over who can build the biggest showplaces. For those looking to make an impressive statement, owning a trophy property in Emirates Hills is seen as one of the ultimate status symbols in the UAE.

Al Barari

Al Barari is a nature-inspired development located between Palm Jumeirah and Emirates Hills which has established itself as one of the most exclusive communities in Dubai. Known as the “Beverly Hills of the Middle East,” Al Barari is designed around botanical gardens while homes are nestled amid the greenery for optimal privacy. Prices range from around $5 million for smaller villas to over $15 million+ for sprawling, custom-built mansions.

Reasons for Al Barari’s prestige real estate status:

  • Manicured botanical gardens setting – More than 10,000 trees and one million shrubs provide a serene atmosphere.
  • Large plot sizes – Villas are set across expansive pieces of land.
  • Architectural styles – Home designs reflect Mediterranean, Balinese, Moroccan influences tailored to each space.
  • Holistic wellbeing concept – Focused on nurturing mind-body-spirit health.
  • Sustainable community – Environmentally-friendly solar energy, water recycling systems.
  • High-end amenities – 5-star boutique hotel, luxury spas, organic farming.
  • Celebrity appeal – Top business leaders and creative influencers reside there.

For those desiring the most refined desert living experience merged with natural beauty, Al Barari represents the peak of exclusive living in Dubai that only money can buy.

Downtown Dubai & Mohammed Bin Rashid City

As Dubai has expanded its tourism offerings in recent years with attractions like the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai near Sheikh Zayed Road has morphed into a hotspot for elite real estate. Condos along Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard like 8 Boulevard Walk feature penthouses valued at over $10 million.

Other factors making Downtown Dubai prime expensive territory:

  • Close to landmarks – Direct views of Burj Khalifa and Dubai Opera.
  • Business hub – Heart of booming commercial activity.
  • Transport links – Tram, metro, easy airport access.
  • Community amenities – Landscaped parks, entertainment venues, shopping.
  • Prestigious branded residences – Signature condo towers by luxury names like Armani and Bulgari.

Adjacent to Downtown Dubai, Mohammed Bin Rashid City encompasses several upcoming attractions like Dubai Creek Harbor along with various residential neighborhoods like District One. With its focus on ultra luxury living fused with nature and waterfront access, properties in Mohammed bin Rashid City are touted as Dubai’s next top address where prices run from $5 million up to $30+ million.

Prime Beachfront Neighborhoods

In a city known for over-the-top developments, nothing represents extravagant Dubai real estate like owning prime beachfront property. Some of the most astronomically priced homes for sale can be found along the Jumeirah Beach Road strip and on Jumeirah islands near Palm Jumeirah such as:

Jumeirah Bay Island – a private boutique residential island off Jumeirah Beach Road home to a 6-bedroom water villa recently sold for $17.5 million.

Bulgari Resort on Jumeirah Bay Island – ultra luxury condos on seahorse-shaped island share amenities at adjacent Bulgari Resort and prices range from $5M-$25+ million.

Owning beachfront allows homeowners in these neighborhoods to enjoy:

  • Direct access to private beaches and shores
  • Panoramic ocean views
  • Nearby coastal attractions – beach clubs, waterparks
  • Boating lifestyle potential – private docking available
  • Prestigious lifestyle branding

Especially for those coming from landlocked parts of the world, nothing tops the glitz and glamour of living along Dubai’s beachfronts with sand and sea on your doorstep.

Factors Driving High Prices

It comes as no surprise that Dubai is home to one of the most wildly expensive property markets on earth given how luxury is woven into the fabric of the city paired with vigorous demand from the world’s elite.

Some reasons for the obscenely high price tags for homes in premium Dubai neighborhoods include:

High Demand, Limited Supply – Dubai’s prime areas have restricted land available for new development which intensifies bidding wars for existing villa sales and off-plan purchases.

Safe Haven Appeal – Dubai attracts wealthy expat investors from unstable parts of the world who park money into luxury Dubai homes thereby driving prices upwards.

Status Symbols – For the ultra rich, owning the most extravagant Dubai homes in areas like Palm Jumeirah holds major ego value.

Tourism Vision – The government’s focus on luxury tourism and turning Dubai into a “global city” boosts housing costs.

Upward Trajectory – Given Dubai’s past track record of ever-rising rents and sale prices year-over-year, luxury properties are viewed as assets likely to appreciate substantially over the next 10 to 20 years.

Paired with Dubai’s near-bulletproof security, favorable tax environment, and other draws like year-round sunshine and 5-star hotels, the highest echelon of residential offerings in areas like the Palm Jumeirah carry a powerful allure for deep-pocketed investors and families from Russia to India to Lebanon seeking an ultra prestigious Middle East address to call home.


The exclusivity associated with owning a luxury property in Dubai continues lifting price ceilings to astronomical new heights every year. For those with tens of millions at their disposal seeking one of the most lavish residential experiences on the planet, areas such as the Palm Jumeirah, Emirates Hills, Al Barari and downtown Dubai adjacent to mega attractions like the Burj Khalifa offer the epitome of extravagance where one can buy their own private palace fitted with every conceivable amenity under the Arabian sun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the most expensive area in Dubai?
A: The Palm Jumeirah is widely regarded as Dubai’s most expensive neighborhood, with luxury waterfront villas selling for $10+ million located on the manmade, palm-tree shaped archipelago island.

Q: Where do the richest people live in Dubai?
A: The wealthiest Dubai residents with the most extravagant houses tend to concentrate in areas like Emirates Hills, Al Barari Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, and Downtown Dubai in branded skyscrapers or mega-mansions starting from around $10 million.

Q: Why are houses so expensive in Dubai?
A: Limited land available in prime locations, high domestic and international luxury investment demand, Dubai’s global tourism vision focused on glitz combined with aspirational luxury living status have all led luxury home prices in top-tier Dubai areas to become some of the priciest in the world.

Q: How much is a villa on the Palm Jumeirah?
A: While a few smaller villas may start closer to $3 million on the Palm, most standalone villas with private beachfront on fronds like Frond G average around $10 million+ with many selling for over $20+ million as celebrity and billionaire mega-mansions.

Q: Which Palm island is the most expensive?
A: The Palm Jumeirah is universally considered the most prestigious and expensive of Dubai’s three Palm Islands (Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali, Palm Deira), with villa prices averaging over $10 million on signature developments like Palm Jumeirah Shoreline Apartments.

Q: Is Palm Jumeirah sinking?
A: While a few issues with developers cutting costs on materials quality arose in Palm Jumeirah’s early phases, concerted maintenance efforts coupled with proper engineering foundations mean sinking or any structural long-term issues are negligible on the Palm today.

Q: How much is a 3 bedroom villa in Dubai?
A: The average cost for a 3 bedroom villa in Dubai can range tremendously based on location and amenities from sub $500k in secondary areas to $5+ million in Dubai’s most premiere villa communities such as District One, Emirates Hills and Palm Jumeirah.

Q: Why is Dubai so expensive?
A: Factors like rising housing demand amid finite prime land for prestigious developments paired with Dubai’s global luxury tourism vision focused extravagance fueled by cheap oil money overflowing from wealthy MENA expats has led to inflated Dubai prices, especially impacting prime real estate hot spots.

Q: Is buying a house in Dubai a good investment?
A: Thanks to major upcoming events like the 2020 Dubai Expo paired with an expanding international tourism industry, Dubai has a strong economic outlook. For luxury buyers focused on investing in exclusive areas known to appreciate over time like Palm Jumeirah rather than overpaying in still unproven communities, Dubai luxury real estate remains a good long-term asset.

Q: How much does an apartment cost in Downtown Dubai?
A: While smaller 1-2 bedroom apartments in Downtown Dubai near Burj Khalifa start from around $400k, larger 2,000+ sq ft 3+ bedroom luxury pads in prestigious towers along Mohammed Bin Rashid Blvd average around $2.5+ million with penthouses selling for $10 million+.

Q: Where do rich Indians live in Dubai?
A: Affluent Indian expat investors and families form a major segment of ultra luxury property buyers in communities such as Emirates Hills, Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah, with the best Dubai properties for renting out to Indian corporate tenants also drawing major Indian investment.

Q: What is the most luxurious hotel in Dubai?
A: The Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, shaped like a billowing sail and located offshore on its own artificial island, is globally recognized as Dubai’s most luxurious hotel, offering over-the-top amenities like 24/7 butler service across all 202 suites, 9 high-end restaurants and bars, a private beach club, tallies spa and adjacent helipad access.

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